The Cube
Vicki Kennedy


I am over here
Next to this wall.
Pieces of me have been
Slipping through.

I can get by
Do much that I need to do.
It's hard to tell
I know it's hard to see
All the pieces
That have left me.

I didn't know myself
Until the day
I looked back
And saw
So little of
Me left.

I didn't choose to let pieces go.
Did I try to hang on?
I really don't know.
I want to be whole,
I do?

I can't leave here
This spot.
I'm still reaching
Still stretching
Maybe growing
Finding my way
To getting
Me back.

Yet I wonder
What would happen
If all of me
Simply slipped through.
All of me gone
Through this wall
In a cube.
Forever lost?
Gone from me,
Or from you.

Outside the cube

No more


No more


No more me
No more you
This could be good?
Peace a last?

But what happens
If I want to come back
To my wall
Or a room
In the cube.

Am I lost
Am I gone
Am I out there to stay
Grab my hand
Show me

Life in a cube
All of me

Ever feel invisible to everyone around you? Like they really don't,
won't or can't see? Feel like an actor in a play. Step up say your
lines, hide behind the curtains, or walk off stage....

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