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April 2006

Great work! The story of how Daryl Logullo---"I'm not a lawyer or lawmaker. Just a dad trying to make a difference for past and future parents and families in our state."---got the state of Florida to pass unanimously on April 20, 2006 a bill allowing for a Certificate of Stillbirth. Visit to see if your state has passed a similar.

January 2001

Home of the Mrs. Duck Project. They offer free copies of the book Mrs. Duck and the Woman to any grieving faily. Be sure to read the writings in their Loss, the articles area.

December 2000

Trisomy On-Line Information and support lists for families whose children (or grandchildren or siblings...) have died or survived Trisomy disorders.

October - November 2000

Derive Incredible... Simply Incredible. When you get to the end, the artwork (flower and hand - that's all I'll give away!) is breath-taking (literally).
Note: This site is no longer, and I cannot find it anywhere. If you know where it is now located, please let me know as I loved this site. (April 2006)

July - September 2000

I chose my son's memorial as an Honored Site because without him, this site would never have come into existence. Without him, I wouldn't have been given the gift of knowing that I could survive such incredible heart-wrenching pain. Without him, I wouldn't have gained strength from women and families around the world. And, without him, I would have an even more empty place in my heart. To Kadin... my son, my love, my sweet precious gift - I love you. Mom xo

April - June 2000

William & Wendell: A Family Remembered
by Donnali Fifield

This book offers reassurance and a welcome measure of relief for those who are struggling to recover from a loss. Therapy, she writes, has added a "subtle burden by converting grief from a fundamental human experience into a therapeutic process whose goal is to overcome the loss." By pointing out why the theory of a cathartic resolution is oppressive, she provides a thoughtful and different perspective on the current view of grief while sharing her journey through many tragedies, including the deaths of her baby twins.

Web www.HonoredBabies.org
Honored Babies supports women whose babies have died, no matter the cause:
miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy termination (abortion)
stillbirth, neonatal death, and/or infant death


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