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Approximately 6,370 Babies are Honored
On Pages 1 through 19 of the Baby Memorials

Click graphic above to add your baby/ies to the Memorial

It was my intention to list all the babies (by name only) shown in the Memorial in the first Honored Babies... learning to live with a broken heart book. However, due to space limitations (the book is 368 pages), I was not able to do so. I plan on the second volume of the book to not be quite as long, and therefore, do plan on being able to list all the babies. For more information on the book, please click on the appropriate link found on every page.

  • Click on the "Add Your Baby" graphical link at the top of and/or every Memorial page to submit your entry. It may be a good idea to look at one of the Memorial pages to see samples. I've also included instructions at the top of the "Add Your Baby" page - please read those instructions carefully!
  • If you cannot find your entry, do NOT submit it again. Instead, please email me with the "Edit Memorial Entry" link found at the top of each Memorial page. Most times, there is either a programming error or a search error, so please, please, please, email me instead of submitting your entry several times! Thanks!
  • Please review your entry carefully before hitting the "Submit" button. I must manually make all edits which is quite time-consuming.

  • Important: If you've made a mistake on your entry, please [Send Email to Edit Memorial Entry]. You will also find this link near the top of each Memorial page.
  • Send your baby's name AND one additional identifier along with the edits so I can find and change the correct entry.
  • If your entry is on Page 1 or 2, please let me know as these two pages' entries are not in the database and must be edited differently.
  • If you cannot find your entry after submitting it, it may have rolled over to the next page. When that happens, I must manually make some programming changes, and sometimes, it takes me a few days to do so. Please check back in a couple of days to see if the next page is available. Alternatively, you may search for your baby's entry on each of the Memorial pages (near the top).
  • Please allow several weeks for the edit(s) to be made.

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