Kadin's Memorial

Kadin's Memorial Poem

My life fell apart the evening of Tuesday, July 28, 1998 when I, during labor, knew that my son's heart stopped beating inside of me. This perfect unborn baby.....the very body that gave him life seemingly took it away. I do not understand, nor do I know the true reason, or reasons, that our precious baby boy was taken from us without warning.

I do know, however, that my grief has been shared by families all over the world. I've been given a great gift in the face of Kadin's death - and that gift has been the arms and love of so many people. The support I've received has been unimaginable - as unimaginable as the grief and sadness that I'm facing. When I sit in the darkness, I can feel the outpouring of love - and can feel the almost physical presence of those who are thinking of me and my family.

I want everyone who passes by here to know that an online community of brave, courageous, supportive, and soul-giving women have saved me from going through this tremendously terrible journey alone. For I've never been alone. I never will be. I know that for the rest of my life, I will walk knowing those who stood, and stand, beside me.

There are no words to express how I feel to those who have offered so much to me...so, all I can offer is "Thank You" - to all those who have given so much of themselves. You are in my heart. My soul. My every fiber.

And, I love you.

I hope that the words I've put together to express myself give some comfort to those who question...to those who have given of themselves to me and my family...and to those who seek some sense in all that seems unjust.

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~Paula Long (PeasMom)
Mommy to Alexandria, Kadin, and 3 miscarried babies

Kadin's Handprint
Kadin's Handprint